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     My name is Helen W. Spector and I am the joyful owner of Helen Warren Spector Antiques specializing in American Folk Art and Painted Furniture. I have spent the last twelve years in the antique business enjoying every glorious moment of it. I believe it is critical to be a serious student of American History in order to understand the how, the why, the when and where many of the fine examples of American Folk Art were made.

     My love of American history began early on and continues today. As a responsible dealer it is important to fairly assess the value of an antique and to procure it at a fair market price or at fair market value.

     Please call to my attention if there is something you are looking for and are not able to locate on my site. As not all my items are featured on the site and there might be a chance I might have it or could locate it elsewhere.

     I look forward to hearing from you and can be reached at 713.927.6444.

     My very best regards,

     Helen Warren Spector

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